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L.A. County to pay out $14M over unlawful immigration holds
The lawsuit alleged that the Sheriff's Department routinely held people in jail for days, weeks or even months beyond the dates of their release
Man convicted of mailing bombs to CO, retired cop in revenge plot
Inmate at Pa. prison accused of assaulting 3 COs
San Diego judge upholds state ban on private immigration detention centers
Deputy stops 3rd suicide attempt in more than a month at Texas jail
More than 200 COVID-19 cases reported at Ga. state prisons
Eliminate Contraband From Inmate Mail by 100%
TextBehind CAMMP empowers correctional officers with total control on inmate mail review and approval process on a daily basis with efficiency.
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Solving Challenges with Digital Intelligence
Don't let the number of devices or the ability to extract data and derive actionable intelligence stop you from taking advantage of the information available on contraband digital devices.
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Ethics in corrections: How to avoid unduly familiar behavior
By Jenna Curren, MS 
Ethical behavior isn't just about what is right vs. what is wrong, it is also about making decisions that keep both officers and inmates safe
Understanding inmate discipline and limited due process
By Gordon Graham 
Forget everything you have heard about how inmate discipline was handled 'back in the day'
6 things bodycams can do that fixed cameras can’t
Body-worn cameras have become necessities for correctional facilities, rather than nice-to-have supplements to fixed camera surveillance.
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Erie County Prison Thwarts Contraband and Illegal Activity With Securus Technologies Changemaking Solutions
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