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Despite governor's veto, NJ ends many mandatory minimum sentences
A new directive "essentially takes the imposition of mandatory minimum terms ‘off the table’ for all current and future non-violent drug defendants"
2 inmates charged with attacking St. Louis CO during riot
Lawmaker calls for 'federal takeover' of Okla. county jail
Inmate charged after attacking COs with syringe
Courts end judicial oversight of COVID measures in Hawaii prisons
Protesters decry conditions at St. Louis jail, call for court hearings
Why the truth may not be what you think
By Zohar Zaied 
How to make sure your corrections incident reports won’t get you in trouble
3 keys to writing effective jail reports
By Remington Scott 
Your written report can turn what was a volatile and unpredictable incident into an example of a sensible and rational response
Why everyone is responsible for keeping the jail clean
By Gordon Graham 
Keeping the jail clean may fall into the box of "other duties assigned" but that does not mean officers should disregard the importance of jail cleanliness
10 ways corrections officers would improve their facilities
By Corrections1 Staff 
What would you change if you were in charge at your correctional facility?
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