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'It's definitely nerve-racking': Va. COs speak out about COVID-19 behind bars
"There's a lot of questions, and not a lot of answers," one correctional officer said
NJDOC wants CO involved in Floyd death reenactment removed
Outbreak at San Quentin prison could pose threat to entire SF Bay Area
Public defender: Wash. COs working without masks 'makes no sense'
FEMA announces grant options for civil unrest expenses
Research: US inmates suffering dementia may hit 200K within the next decade
Enhance Safety by Combining Less Lethal Devices and Bodycams
Used together, bodycams and TASERs can promote a safer working environment for COs and a safer living environment for inmates.
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Reducing Risk in the Correctional Environment [On-Demand Webinar]
Learn what policy areas pose the most risk and how policies built on best practices can help eliminate these hidden risks.
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The dangers of a 'cool' correctional officer
By Gary York 
This officer threatens the safety of other COs, correctional staff and inmates
Data analyzes COVID-19 impact on jail populations
By Daniel Downs, PhD 
The criminal justice system has already adapted in the face of the coronavirus pandemic
Inmate Manipulation: Know the games that inmates play
By Tier Talk 
This is how downing a duck works
3 key strategies for effective visitor screening
Consider these tools and techniques to help maintain the constant vigilance necessary to keep contraband out of your facility.
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